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Bowen Training

Final exam (2 days)

The final exam is required for alternative or complementary medicine therapists. Health professionals and manual therapy professionals do not have to do this examination.

Examination dates are set when the group reaches 10 participants. This means that the participant may have to wait until the end of another course in order to gather enough participants. The names and contact information of Bowen therapists will be entered in the iBowen registry (Free App in App Store) after successful completion of the exam.

The pedagogic material

  • A 160-page black and white manual is included in the price of the seminar. It is possible to have it in colour for an additional charge.

  • Andrew Biel's anatomy book "Trail guide to the body" is the best palpatory anatomy book available in French, Spanish and English. It is mandatory to do Bowen training with AIMTC.

  • Several PowerPoint presentations and videos are planned to better understand what is happening in our body.

Teaching focus

The training in manual therapies (Niromathé, DermoNeuroModulation and Bowen) with Louise Tremblay is full of physiological explanations that help us to understand what the therapist, using his hands, "does" in the body. We have to understand what we are doing to do a better job. All this information will be applicable in the context of a pure osteopathic practice or any other manual therapy.


The physiology of the body does not change according to the technique used.
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