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Our mission

In manual therapy, there are at least two worlds that very rarely meet:

There is the rather European world, where methods move from one country to another quite easily and in this European world, there is the field of manual therapy in France. What is created and practised in France is very little known, or even not even known at all, outside of it.

Then there is the Anglo-Saxon world, which includes countries in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia, which are the cradle of manual therapies that are very little known, or even not at all, in France and I would even say in Latin countries in general.

The first objective of AIMTC is to bridge the gap between these two cultures, these two ways of understanding, practising manual therapies and to bring to each the other's culture. Seminars with AIMTC are in three languages: French, English and Spanish.

The second objective is to give primary importance to neuroscience. Current discoveries lead us to believe that no therapist can adjust the body, and that all of them only inform the central nervous system. This is the new paradigm that AIMTC aims to develop.

The third objective is to offer very high level training to manual therapy professionals.

The Quality-Commitment of AIMTC

Since the creation of the International Academy of Contemporary Therapeutic Methods (AIMTC), I have emphasised the accessibility and excellence of the training courses that would be presented. These two elements go hand in hand with a major aspect which is quality.

For AIMTC, the quality of training is fundamental, and it is my duty as a director to provide participants with services that are commensurate with what they represent for our society.

As I have often said, the quality of training services is non-negotiable. It is essential that it be delivered with the same rigour by all intervener who speak on behalf of AIMTC, although I am currently the only trainer. I work daily to ensure that all training services meet the highest standards of quality.

The main objective of AIMTC's Quality-Commitment is to constantly renew it.

To do this, it is essential to adopt measures likely to fulfil this mission, which is essential for the professional development of therapists.

The plan I am presenting will, I am convinced, provide first-rate support to these manual therapy professionals. The Commitment to Quality will not only provide therapists with high-level training marked by excellence, but will also contribute to the future of our society.

I know that I can count on the support of partners, such as ICPF & PSI, ANN, ANPQ, ANQ, RITMA and RMQ who accredit AIMTC seminars, to work together to offer therapists training that promotes their full professional development.

Louise Tremblay
AIMTC Director

AIMTC was founded in 2003 and is based in Sainte-Flavie. AIMTC offers training courses (Bowen, DermoNeuroModulation and Dynamic DNM) to therapists in many countries. AIMTC is an institution accredited by the Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada with accreditation number 04-04-2872.


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