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DNM Training

The complete training for professionals is done in one seminar of 4 consecutive days.


The procedures are presented in a logical order that allows the therapist to learn the peripheral nervous system and in particular the cutaneous nerves in a bold way and also to apply immediately after the class the techniques learned in the previous days.

After completing the 4-day course, it is possible to attend a class to review if there is still a place in the next classes. It is possible to repeat this class once, for free. If the trainee wishes to return for further revision, the cost will be 50% of the normal cost of the seminar.


Continuing education classes are proposed on a regular basis.


The trainee is informed that it is necessary to have, before entering training, the following level of knowledge:

Category 1: Manual therapy professionals who are kinesitherapists (MKDE France, Belgium, Spain), physiotherapists, osteopaths, etiopaths, chiropractors and doctors.

Category 2: practitioners of other manual therapies, such as fascia therapy, massage therapy, myofascial therapy, energy osteopathy, biokinergie, kinesitherapy in Quebec, orthotherapy, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, and all other manual therapies that are not those of category 1.

Category 3: Therapists who are not trained in manual therapies, such as psychologists, sports trainers, Pilates, yoga, naturopathic and naturopathic therapists, and all therapists who are not in Category 1 or Category 2.

  • Category 1 candidates: must complete and submit the exercise sheets presented at each seminar.


  • Category 2 candidates: must complete and submit the worksheets presented at each internship and are strongly encouraged to attend at least two annual meetings within four years of the first training session to ensure that they have a solid foundation.


  • Category 3 candidates: must have completed at least 160 hours of training in anatomy and physiology. They must complete and submit the exercise sheets presented during the  workshop. These forms will be marked and they will have to obtain the passing grade of 80% to obtain the certification. Finally, they must attend at least one annual meeting every two years to maintain their registration in the registry of the practitioners trained by AIMTC.

The DNM training

One seminar of 4 days

During this seminar, we will learn the anatomy and physiology of neurons, peripheral nerves and some parts and functions of the CNS. We will discuss somesthesia, therapeutic pause, mechanoreceptors as well as the importance of small diameter fibres, with little or no myeline sheath. Approximately 60 techniques will be taught to reduce the pain that would be caused by a tunnel syndrome in the soft tissues.

The pedagogic material

  • A 160-page black and white manual is included in the price of the seminar. It is possible to have it in colour for an additional charge.


  • An optional manual will be available for purchase. It includes several anatomical images and photos of the skin nerves.


  • Several PowerPoint presentations and videos are planned to better understand what is happening in our body.

Teaching focus

The training in manual therapies (Niromathé, DermoNeuroModulation and Bowen) with Louise Tremblay is full of physiological explanations that help us to understand what the therapist, using his hands, "does" in the body. We have to understand what we are doing to do a better job. All this information will be applicable in the context of a pure osteopathic practice or any other manual therapy.


The physiology of the body does not change according to the technique used.
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